Our Mission

Gender Equity Policy Institute (GEPI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing opportunity, fairness, and well-being through research and education that exposes the gender impacts of the policies, processes, and practices of government and business.

What we do

At GEPI, we conduct and publish research on the best practices for advancing gender equity. We assess public policies and business practices to identify the effects on people of all genders, with particular attention to the impacts on groups, such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ people, who have been systematically disadvantaged by discrimination, bias, and structural inequality.


By educating policymakers, business leaders, and advocates about the inequities and disparities embedded in seemingly neutral economic and political processes, we provide the tools and knowledge that leaders need to rebalance systems, guarantee equal benefits and opportunities, and secure a just and sustainable future for all people.


Nancy L. Cohen, PhD
President & Founder
Chantel Johnson
Senior Director of External Affairs
Matt Eckel
Research Director
Natalia Vega Varela
Senior Researcher
Naomi Barlava
Program Associate
Michelle Adams, LLM
Vice-Chair & Secretary
Emily Alejos, CFA
Stella Maloyan
Board Director
Victor Griego
Board Director
Norman Ornelas Jr.
Research Fellow in Human Geography
Ivy Cargile, PhD
Senior Advisor
Jennifer Piscopo, PhD
Senior Advisor
Clare Weber, PhD
Senior Advisor