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NEW STUDY (MAY 2021): Eliminating the Subminimum Wage for Tipped Workers in New York Would Benefit 433,000 Workers Across Restaurants, Hotels, Personal Service and Other Occupations Where Tipping is Common

NY’s Proposed One Fair Wage Act is An Ambitious Gender-Transformative Bill

Our new report, Essential Wages: An Analysis of New York State’s Proposed Elimination of the Tipped Minimum Wage and Its Impact on Low-Wage Women Workers, presents findings from an impact analysis of New York’s One Fair Wage Act.  Key findings include:

  • 63% of the roughly 288,000 workers currently earning the subminimum tipped wage are women

  • 58% of tipped restaurant and food service workers, the principal industry affected by the Act, are women. 62% of waiters and bartenders, the largest occupations affected by the Act, are women

  • Most women waiters and bartenders would see an annual raise of more than 40% over current earnings

  • The majority of women of color serving as waiters and bartenders in New York would see annual gains of roughly $9100 per year.

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