Gender Equity Policy Institute (GEPI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing opportunity, fairness, and well-being for all people through research and education that exposes the gender impacts of the policies, processes, and practices of government and business

Evaluating A Regional Approach to the Los Angeles County Housing Crisis
A Race and Gender Impact Analysis of California’s Justice 40 Initiative
An Analysis of the Gender Impacts of California’s Housing Affordability Crisis
A data-based analysis of the economic challenges faced by undocumented women in California
An analysis of proposals to increase Pell Grants and the impact on reducing student debt
An analysis of New York State’s proposed elimination of the tipped minimum wage and its impact on low-wage women workers
An analysis of projected climate resilience funding and its effects by region, race, and gender
An analysis of proposals to make Washington D.C. a state and its potential impacts on women and Black Americans