Emily Alejos


Emily Alejos is a seasoned investment professional with over thirty years of experience in finance. For approximately five years through early 2023, Alejos was the Chief Investment Officer at Cartica, a boutique majority women-owned, women-led and women-employed investment firm based in Washington, DC. After leaving Cartica, Alejos transitioned to a career in Executive and Life Coaching where she works with executives, mid-career and early career professionals to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities in the workplace. Alejos is a strong proponent of women and diversity of thought and believes that better decision-making occurs when people have the courage to speak up and different perspectives are taken into account. Alejos mentors, advises and is a speaker at organizations such as 100 Women in Finance, Scholars of Finance, and Brown University’s Women’s Launchpad. She is a Member of the Board of Directors at Flamenco Vivo and is on the Alumni Committee on Trustee Nominations at Stanford University. Alejos has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA from Brown University.